Acne Treatments online

April 13, 2020

Acne Skin Care available online

For mild to moderate acne and congested or oily skin, sometimes all that is required is a good skin care regimen to follow.  Some well-developed and trusted cosmeceutical creams, cleansers and frequent medical grade acne-specific chemical peels can make all the difference for your acne.

Obagi Acne systems  Relieves breakouts in 2-4 weeks


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The fight against acne is often an uphill battle, especially if you have stubborn to severe acne. But, thankfully, for most people, even severe acne can be improved with over-the-counter skincare products.



We’re proud to say our Obagi's CLENZIderm is an excellent place to start if you experience mild to severe acne breakouts. The CLENZIderm Acne systems are formulated around two ingredients that research has shown are the best way to help diminish acne: Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

CLENZIderm is formulated Clear acne in a system, that works in 2-4 weeks No irritating ingredients allowed, because that would only make acne worse!

Two Systems 

  1.  Normal to Oily skin acne
  2. Normal to dry acne conditions

The normal to Dry acne system  nourish skin with soothing ingredients that have proven benefits when it comes to diminishing the look of redness and sensitivity. After all, acne is red, and anything that makes skin redder is not a good idea.

Must-Know Acne Tips

Following are essential tips you must know if you want to improve any type of acne, including stubborn to severe acne:

  • Keep your acne  skincare routine as simple as possible and follow it religiously. (It takes patience and consistency to improve breakouts.)
  • Cleanse acne skin twice a day  with a soft washcloth for extra cleansing. (Drying, harsh cleansers, many cleansing brushes, and scrubs only make matters worse.)
  • Avoid bar cleansers even if they claim to be soap-free. (The ingredients that keep bar soap in bar form can clog pores.)


  • For stubborn to severe acne, use Retinoids   in the evening.
  • Apply  benzoyl peroxideto disrupt the causes of acne but be sure the benzoyl peroxide product you choose contains no irritants such as menthol or denatured alcohol, as both increase redness and inflammation, making everything worse. Paula's Choice Skincare CLEAR line offers two benzoyl peroxide–based solutions for you to try.
  • If you have stubborn to severe acne, be sure to use the benzoyl peroxide–based 
  • Never use thick moisturisers (especially creams) in areas where any type of acne occurs, as they can clog pores. Instead, stick with Hydrate