Obagi Men

June 16, 2020

Obagi Men

Obagi Men Kits, Because Skin Care is for Men too!

It’s no secret that men could use some help in the skin care department. Many men believe a sufficient skin care regimen consists of a bar of soap, shaving cream, and a razor.

... but the truth is that men need a proper skin care routine just as much as women do.

Fortunately, the Obagi kit For Man contains all the necessities for your man to practice proper skin care. The Obagi kit For Man  is specifically designed to nourish and support the appearance of skin and help minimize the signs of aging

Obagi Men Grooming kit

  • Obagi-C Cleansing Gel
  • Professional-C Serum 15%
  • Retinol 1.0

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  • If you suffer episodic Dryness (and It  is quite ) common add a strong moisturiser such as Obagi daily HydroDrops
  • If you have suffered breakouts and have residual acne or scarring :

    Complete a Medical skin assessment