When families work well together: Skin care systems vs. individual products

July 09, 2019

When families work well together: Skin care systems vs. individual products

Why use a skin care system?

Because you can do more as a team than you can as an individual.

In a good skin care system, the products are specifically formulated to work together, and to optimize the efficacy of each and  achieve the  overall result - Healthier younger looking skin

So make a commitment to avoid seeking, sourcing and trying out dozens of individual products. No more wondering if the products you combine are interacting well with each other.

Finding a system is as easy as identifying your concerns.

Selecting the right system for you within a range like Obagi’s is simply a matter of identifying the problems you want to target. Complete a Personalised Skin Care Analysis   and determine which system is right for your skin type and concerns.

For aging skin and discoloration

Using the Obagi Nu-Derm® system brings  together potent ingredients dermatologicall approved  to treat signs of skin aging such as dark spots and melasma (a type of hyperpigmentation) and rough skin.

 The Nu-Derm system works together to weaken the skin barrier thus ensuring the ingredients bring about cellular change.

Available in two formulations, one for normal to dry skin, and one for normal to oily, each range of seven products works synergistically, in ordered steps.

- Gentle Cleanser or Foaming Gel and Toner are designed to cleanse and prep the skin.
3/5 hydroquinone contains 4% hydroquinone to correct discolouration and even out your skin tone and gradual lighten hyperpigmentation. 
Exfoderm® or Exfoderm Forte feature a lightweight formula that reveals new skin, creating a brighter, fresher complexion.

Obagi Hydrate® Facial Moisturizer delivers long-lasting hydration to soothe dry skin
- Suzanobagi MD Calming lotionSPF 25 provides UV defense—an essential when you’re using lightening products, which make the skin more prone to sun damage.

To help prevent and delay early signs of skin aging


If you’re between 20 and 30 and want to give your skin the best possible chances for staying youthful-looking, the SuzanObagiMDrange
is made for you. This simple 3-step system is low-maintenance, CLEANSe PROTECT RENEW to amaintain healthy youthful skin


Exfoliating Cleanser, which helps to clear away old, dull skin cells that can lead to clogged pores, to reveal soft, glowing skin.
Retinol 0.5, a cream formulated with shea butter, chamomile, and green tea extract. It gradually releases retinol to smooth the appearance of rough or uneven skin, with minimal irritation.
Soothing complex Broad Spectrum Calming Lotion and sun protector in one that both soothes and protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays.

To treat acne-prone skin

Perfect for skin that’s prone to acne, the CLENZIderm M.D.TM system treats breakouts and helps prevent new ones from occurring. In this system, you’ll get:

Daily Care Foaming Cleanser— a light cleanser containing 2% salicylic acid to clear up the acne, and menthol to calm and soothe irritated skin.
Pore Therapy, which helps unclog pores and leaves skin feeling refreshed.
Therapeutic Lotion, with 5% benzoyl peroxide to clear acne.

Don’t see a system for you here? Keep looking. Obagi offers complete systems for practically every skin care concern, to solve your problems from a variety of angles. Our systems are like supportive families—always there to help in every possible way. Visit our Transformation Systems page to see them all.