6 steps to Perfect your Makeup routine

March 01, 2019

6 steps to Perfect your Makeup routine

Step 1: Preparation

 Put the foundation down! That’s right, coverage is nowhere to be seen in step one
And, that’s because a crucial step in achieving beautiful-looking skin is prepping it.

No matter how much foundation you apply, if your base is flaky or undernourished, you’ll be able to tell. So, before applying any makeup, exfoliate your skin and banish those dead skin cells for good!

 A simple tip is placing a small amount of Sodium Bicarbonate in your cleanser and use Gently.

 Step 2:  Moisturise

Another pre-makeup must is LIGHT moisturising. Trust me when I say that moisturiser plays a fundamental role in ensuring your makeup looks its best, especially if you have dry skin. The key to moisturiser is to find one that’s suited to your skin type:

More on that later!

Step 3:   ConcealLESS is more

The secret to ‘no-makeup’ makeup is building coverage only where you need it.

Cover only unwelcome dark under eye circles, scars, bruises blemishes, age spots, rather than your entire face.

  • A holy grail for anyone seeking coverage is Dema blend range.
  • Just remember: a little goes a long way


Step 4:  Mineral  Not Petroleum (oil based)

 Seriously unless you are ON Live TV Minimise your foundation and avoid product induced skin problems!

 You’ve worked hard to create a flawless base, so don’t let it slip away.  Applying powder to your finished base will not only improve its light-reflecting and diffuse any irregular skin texture.  

It brightens your complexion.


Step 5:  Highlight your best feature

Your – Brow, Eyes, Cheek

The rest is a just a PICTURE Frame 

Step 6: And Finally, Your Hair

Reveal your preferred side! Don’t hide it!

  • Signs of aging occur under your fringe
  • Acne occurs over the cheek: you attempt to disguise your condition under your hair and in reality, add excess oils creating further breakouts


Hair up and away and to one side:

  • Show your frontal profile:  
  • Blend your facial feature and Reveal your preferred side
  • Don’t hide it


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