CLENZIderm USA TO Australia: A journey of "Strength and Success!"

January 22, 2021

CLENZIderm USA TO Australia:   A journey of


 My journey with Obagi goes way back. I lived in America growing up and have struggled with acne from a young age. It ruined my self confidence and consumed my entire life. I began researching and trying everything I could think of to get rid or my acne. I started cutting out foods like dairy, chocolate, sugar, and even meat. I tried so many different brands which claimed to treat acne and saw no results. After years of trying with no improvement to my skin I decided to invest in a dermatologist. The dermatologist I saw recommended Obagi to me so I decided to try it. I had nothing to lose. 'After just one week of using the Clenziderm system my skin had improved so much and looked the best it had since I was young".

I was so happy and my confidence was improving more and more each day. I even stopped wearing face makeup. After about a year of consistently using Obagi I moved to Australia for 6 months. I ran out of my skincare about a month into being here and started using a different brand because I didn’t know I could get Obagi here. My skin started breaking out again almost instantly 

After my trip around Australia I went home to America and the first thing I did was bought my Clenziderm system again from my dermatologist........Again, my skin cleared up almost overnight.I was home for three months and I had the opportunity to move back to Australia to study at University. One of my biggest concerns was not being able to get Obagi so I did my research and I found out that there was an Australian website. I ended up moving back and my skin is still glowing!.....MD Aet 21



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