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April 13, 2020

Eyelid Crows feet


 Eyelid skin is one of the first areas that shows the signs of aging. Many factors Genetics is the strongest, contribute to the quality of the skin in this area: skin pigmentation, skin elasticity, reduction of dermal thickness over the years, moreover the bone and muscle changes in the suborbital zone.

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Causes of Crow's Feet eyelids




Several factors are responsible for the appearance of crow's feet in the upper and lower eyelids.

Genetics- you can't beat

Reduced skin thickness : with time contributes to crows feet, A strong   dermis is essential for tone and skin thickness and when it becomes thinner, the skin becomes wrinkled and small wrinkles begin to appear.  Leading to "crow's feet"

  • Other causes of Crow's feet
  • Loss of elasticity : elastin production is reduced over time. 
  • Repeated movements :
  • Loss of volume :
  • Bone reabsorption cause a reduction of the malar support, which causes tissue sagging.

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