How do I get rid of acne and acne scars?

April 13, 2020

Let's talk about acne scars


What are acne scars?

Acne scars are permanent. changes and indentations that occur on the skin as a result of severe acne.  Temporary red and brown marks left early after acne has occurred as these marks will almost always improve without treatment.

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What causes acne scarring?

In severe acne, acne cysts filled with  pus are formed. These cysts destroy natural tissue which is not replaced during the healing process.  When the cyst eventually empties and the area heals, it usually leaves behind an indentation (or scar) on the face. On the chest and back the scarring can be lumpy (known as “hypertrophic” or Keloid  ” scarring).

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What does acne scarring look like?

Acne damages the skin texture with depressed (or indented) areas of various sizes.

On the back and chest, acne scars tend be raised and lumpy.  Acne scars are usually a normal skin colour.  Some keloid scars can remain red for many years.

There are several types of acne scars.

  •  Mixed acne scars

This is the most common form of acne scarring. Most people will have a mixture of acne scars, including tethered or anchored scars, ice pick scars, box car scars and rolling scars. Different types of acne scars will require different treatments and a tailored approach to scar revision therefore provides the best outcome

  • Box Acne Scars 
  • Ice Pick acne scars 
  • Rolling acne scars
  • Keloid  Scars


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