SuzanobagiMD™ Acne Wipes

SuzanObagiMD™ Next-generation of products:

 SuzanObagiMD™  acne wipes 

  • Disposable
  • For oily or acne-prone skin
  • Formulated with 2% salicylic acid and witch hazel to help correct and prevent acne
  • Quickly and gently cleansing and refreshing the skin
  • This formula is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, free of synthetic fragrance and parabens
    • Aloe: helps to moisturize and soothe the skin
    • Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Extract: contains sulforaphane, a compound that helps to scavenge free radicals
    • Citrus Bioflavonoids: have antioxidant properties that help defend against free radicals
    • Witch Hazel: removes excess oil and impurities to minimize the look of pores
    • Salicylic Acid: works as an exfoliant, helps to correct and clear acne blemishes

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