Avoid  these common errors and  maximise the benefits during your skin transformation.

1. You avoid Washing Your Face! 

Washing removes the dirt and pollution that’s accumulated on skin throughout the day, something that can contribute to acne and accelerate the aging process,

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2. You Gave-Up on Your Retinoid Regimen to Fight Signs of Aging

  Vitamin A derivative according to Harvard Health Publishing enhances collagen production to fight fine lines and wrinkles, Retinoids also boost skin cell turnover. While prescription retinoids are more powerful compared with those in over-the-counter anti-aging products, they can cause skin irritation in the first 2-6 weeks. The reaction can be modified applying less frequently or use of moisturiser.

But Do NOT  Give up Your skin will adjust.

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3. You  Apply Your Retinoid inconsistently

Speaking of Retinoids,  just like exercise, consistency is key to results. Harvard points out that you’ll see the best anti-aging results after 12 months of using a retinoid.

We  recommend applying your retinoid daily to the bridge of your nose, in front of the ears and forehead, 3 places where most people can tolerate regular application. Over time, begin to apply on your cheeks and chin (avoid the area close to your eyes or mouth . By reaching for a retinoid nightly, you’re less likely to forget.

4. Avoiding  Antioxidants at Night

 Vitamin C neutralises free radicals that assault skin during the  day,”With Regular Vitamin C your skin achieves a Refreshed Revitalised appearance.

Start using Vitamin C in the maintenance phase.


5. You’re Scrubbing- Be Gentle let your products do the work

 Resist the urge to regularly exfoliate especially if  using a retinoid. Understand,  it’s redundant — a retinoid is already doing the work stimulating cell turnover. Combining a retinoid and scrub may cause  irritation flare-up. 


6. You’re avoiding using the complete system

Obagi Medical products are targeted SYSTEMS; designed so that each layer of the system not only works in its own right.   They improve the penetration and efficiency   of the other products, to ultimately improve Skin Health.

Substituting products may impair the sequencing result.


7. You’re Excessively using Moisturisers.

While a day at the beach or in the snow can cause excess dryness of the skin. Constant moisturising otherwise slows skin renewal. If after completing your routine your skin feels dry -  Replenish with organic natural ingredients with Obagi Hydrate.