CLENZIderm V Proactiv For Rx ACNE - Independent Review

Nearly 85% of Americans suffer from the most common skin condition out there at some point in their life, acne. For those of you who have or still continue to face this issue understand how frustrating it can be to fight. Look no further for a system to help you!

Obagi CLENZIderm system is one of the best out there!

Many people ask “why would I want to choose a certain line over another?” Or, “what separates this one from the next one?”. I think the most common comparison my patients ask me when comparing this system with another would be CLENZIderm vs. Proactiv.


Just to make one thing a little more clear:

Proactiv is not a professional product, whereas, CLENZIderm is.

Beside that fact though, there is one main difference that sets this line apart from not only Proactive, but from so many others.

Have you heard of the ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide?

  •  Benzoyl Peroxide is a main ingredient used in acne systems to help kill off the P.acnes bacteria that causes acne in the first place. Most companies just put the benzoyl peroxide ingredient in “as is”. With Obagi, that is not the case. The company has used its advanced technology to solubilize the ingredient, therefore, making it able to penetrate deep under the skin to the root of where acne is formed, killing the P.acnes bacteria and ultimately getting rid of not only present papules and pustules (pimples), but killing it from the base of where it is starting so it won’t continue to multiply.


  • Without the benzoyl peroxide being in a solubilized (liquefied) state, the molecule of the product is too large to penetrate into the follicle and therefore cannot get to the root of the acne to kill it off. In that case, the product sits on the surface and works at it that way causing your skin to either not clear up at all or to possibly just temporarily clear up; once you were to stop using the product you would notice a breakout start to flare up again.


  • There are two different kits that can be purchased with the system, Normal to Dry skin or Normal to Oily skin.
  • The product ‘Therapeutic Lotion’ is in both kits; this is the product that is formulated with the benzoyl peroxide.

The Normal to Dry kit also includes ‘Daily Care Cream Cleanser’, which is a more gentle non-soap cleanser that removes dirt, oil, and impurities in the skin, leaving it clean and soft. It also includes the product ‘Therapeutic Moisturizer’, which contains 20% glycerin. This product calms, soothes, protects, and hydrates the skin.

The Normal to Oilykit contains a product called ‘Daily Care Foaming Cleanser’, this product containing 2% salicylic acid, which washes away dead skin cells and helps to kill the bacteria on the surface of the acne, and also contains menthol, which cools and calms irritated skin. The other product included in that kit is a liquefied serum called ‘Pore Therapy’, this product also has 2% salicylic acid, helping to unclog pores, clear dead skin cells, eliminate residue, and diminish blemishes.

A couple final tips to remember when using this system is to make sure for one that you are using the correct amount of product, and also to allow 10 minutes for the product to dry between applying each step. Being the products are penetrating underneath the surface of your skin, applying Pore Therapy or the Therapeutic Lotion before allowing the previous product to dry will result in feeling a burning sensation on the application...