Early Signs of Aging


One third of the skin cells are dormant at any one time. Cellular renewal in healthy youthful skin takes about 6 weeks. As your skin ages the natural response is a slowing of cellular  renewal, creating an inbalance of new skin cells versus old.

Additionally, collagen and elastin begin to break down causing the skin to loose elasticity



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Obagi aging skin treatments

Aging - Causes

 Aging is determined by genetic and external influences. Exposure of the skin to environmental stresses is inevitable, as are the associated signs of this ageing process; most commonly fine line, wrinkles, sagging and discolouration.
Obagi aging skin treatments

Established signs of aging

 The Obagi Nu-Derm® System is the number 1 physician dispensed prescription strength skin care system. It works by penetrating down the surface of the skin to transform the function of the skin cells at a cellular level and correct the damage from within.

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