Eye Concerns

The eyes are one of the first places that show signs of aging. Taking care of your eyes is a critical step in maintaining a youthful appearance.

Emerging technologies provide benefits to help reduce the appearance of lines puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Obagi ELASTIderm® Eye treatments are proven stand alone eye treatments that deliver real results. By using a unique bi-mineral complex called Copper Zinc Malonate, it works to restore the elasticity around your eyes, noticeably reducing visible fine lines and wrinkles.


Professional-C Eye Brightener improves the appearance of crepiness and crow’s feet as it helps to strengthen the delicate skin around your eyes.

 Soft Focus Technology, instantly creates an optical diffusion of reflected light to blur the appearance of fine lines and shadows

Apply Each morning

  1.  ELASTIderm® cream over Upper and Lower Lids
  2. ELASTIderm® Eye Serum over area of potential puffiness

Combine With Obagi Professional-C™ Eye Brightener SERUM

Apply Each Night

Eye Brightener Serum over Upper and Lower lids


ELASTIDERM® Collection

Professional-C™ Eye Brightener SERUM 


Eye Cream

Obagi Eye Cream Firms and Evens the Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes for a Younger Look

Obagi Australia’s eye cream reduces visual signs of ageing by repairing wrinkles, fine lines, irregularities and pigmentation. It revitalises your skin by generating cellular changes to make you look fresh and youthful.

Signs You Should Invest in Crow’s Feet Treatment

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