Nu-Derm Application

Nu-Derm Application instructions:

 OUR AIM to  gently coax your skin to change!

  By using this method of slowly coaxing the skin to give in....  we achieve cellular activation, which results in Visible changes  !  


Step 1:  APPLY  the products AM & PM: 


BEST Result  achieved by Consistent Application of the complete Nu-Derm system 2X Daily


Step 2:  STOP  other products and just use the Obagi Nu Derm Products.



 The  synchrony of  Obagi Nu Derm Products application  enhance penetration of other products iof the TOTAL system!  The toner seems to soothe irritation too.  Alternative ranges  may either irritate or inhibit absorption .


PHASE 1: A reaction of Dryness and exfoliating is expected.

 ( At the first sign of an excessive reaction slow down on the 2 products that may irritate ,  Exfoderm/Exfoderm Forte and the Tretinoin.  That means   skipping them for a day or two reviewing, ATTENTION to Application technique then starting back.)


    Step 3: ATTENTION to Application technique !

    • Apply accurate amount with tips of 1-2 fingers of product in front of ears,  & below hairline
    • Gently spread towards the eyebrows over nose and from cheeks to central face blend over edge of jawline.
    • DO NOT Rub it irritates the skin
    • Always wipe the sensitive areas: Corners nose lips and eyelids with a tissue to remove any excess.
    • Gently tease over jawline and neck 2x a week DO NOT ADD Extra product!


      Morning  Evening

      Step 1. Apply (Foaming / Gentle )

      Rinse & Allow to DRY


      Step 2. Apply the Toner with a cotton pad. Immediately proceed to step 3

      Delay will cause oxidisation of hydroquinone

      Step 3. Apply #3 Clear 1/2 gram Pigment corrector .

      Allow time to penetrate

      Step 4.Apply a 1.2 gram Exfoderm or Exfoderm Forte


       ***Once a week tease down on to upper neck

      Step 5. Apply a generous layer of Skin Protection Sunscreen


      (1/2 gram= !/2 length of end segment thumb

       Step 1.


      Step 2.

      Apply the Toner

      Step 3.

      #3 Clear 1/2 gram

      Step 4. Avoid

       Wait ensure the skin is DRY before applying the next step.

      Step 5.
      1. Combine on back hands.
      2. (Alternate each night)
      3. Retrieve  with equal amount #5.Blender
       As you Progress
      * Increase amount of Retrieve  maintain 1/2 gram Blender  

      APPLY Hydrate before retiring if 30 minutes after step 5 in PM skin feels dry and irritable.