Nu-Derm Application

NU-Derm Application instructions

Apply product to tip of one - two digits

Place dots of product in front of ears, base of nose & below  hairline. 

Using  1 finger tip gently spread towards the eyebrows over nose and from cheeks to central face blend over edge of jawline.

Always wipe the sensitive areas:  Corners nose lips and eyelids with a tissue to  remove any excess


Morning Regimen

Step 1.      Apply (Foaming / Gentle ) Cleanser to damp face.
Use a few drops in the palm of your hand add a little water and wash gently.
Rinse completely.

Step 2     Apply the Toner with a cotton pad. (A New bottle of Toner should last 2-3 months)
Alternatively, place toner in a spray bottle and mist the face. The toner lasts longer, there's no waste, and the mist feels nice.

Step 3.     Apply Pigment corrector (#3 Clear alternatively Number  3/5)
Large pea size amount = 1/2 gram

Step 4.      Apply a thin layer of the Exfoderm or Exfoderm Forte
Large pea size amount
Step 5.        Apply a generous layer of Skin Protection Sunscreen 

Evening Regimen

Step 1.       Wash with the Cleanser as above
Step 2.       Apply the Toner as above

Step 3.     Apply Pigment corrector (#3 Clear alternatively Number  3/5) 

Large pea size amount = 1/2 gram
Strep 4.      Avoid
Wait 5 minutes importantly ensure the skin is dry before applying the next step
Step 5.       Combine on back of alternate hands Tretinoin with equal  amount pigment corrector Blender
Increase amount of Tretinoin as weeks progress maintain 1/2 gram Blender

APPLY  Hydrate  before retiring if 
30 minutes after step 5 in PM skin feels dry and irritable.

Contact your physician if you have concerns.
In the first skin cycle  it is important to stimulate skin and cause flaking - I celebrate the coming to life of your cellular function.
Flaking settles in Phase 2  as the old skin is replaced 
If you require to control flaking in early stages apply hydrate , but this will delay removal  of old cells and pigment.
Special application instructions:
  1. YOUR Result is TOTALLY dependant on consistency and attention to Detail.
  2. Each product acts in its own way but accelerates the action of other products in the system.
  3. Use only Obagi system products for best result & avoiding unexpected problems
  4. Do Not Rush the application process
  5. Be careful in measuring quantities
  6. Apply measuring quantities to tips of 1-2 fingers and avoid waste
  7. Do Not add Tretinoin to neck
  8. DO NOT RUB particularly over cheek and jaw. The patented technology of Obagi products ensures effective penetration.
  9. Initially avoid the central 1/3 rd of face as it is most sensitive and actually corrects quicker than thicker skin of cheeks and brow!
  10. Stop the application of Exfoderm & tretinoin several days before waxing or any facial procedure

Click here for Important Safety Information about Obagi® Nu-Derm.