NU-Derm Application Tips

Tips for Obagi Use

It is important to use the system daily, as prescribed, in order for the skin
to acclimate and reduce potential irritation.
  • For excessive dryness, you may apply Obagi Hydrate® moisturizerin the morning and/or evening after all other products, but prior to Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35. However, any moisturiser should be used sparingly and only as needed as it can slow the penetration of the other products and delay results.
  • Apply creams to back of hands alternating then use the tip of one finger to place on cheeks and Brow Initially avoid sensitive areas around the nose and mouth
  • Using the same finger tip spread evenly with light touch to hairline and ears.
  • Keep a cotton ball handy. Once all other products (except sunscreen) have been applied, use the cotton ball to gently wipe the corners of the nose, mouth, and any other areas that are typically sensitive. This will dilute the product around those areas and minimize irritation.
  • When treating the face and neck, remember to only feather the products down from the face onto the neck, as the skin on the neck is more sensitive than the face, due to thinner skin and fewer oil glands.
  • For those days when lots of peeling has occurred, stand in the shower facing the shower jet with lukewarm water on a gentle setting. While under the jet, gently rub the face in a circular motion USING FINGERTIPS ONLY (no washcloths, etc.), especially around the mouth, nose, and chin. After a few seconds, the skin will be gently exfoliated.
  • High-quality mineral makeup is great for toning down redness in the first few weeks. Many patients often fore go using foundation and continue using a light mineral powder makeup or even no makeup at all once they've adjusted to the system.
  • For red, sensitive, itchy areas, you may apply Obagi Tolereen® (0.5% hydrocortisone cream) in the morning and/or evening after all other products, but prior to Action and Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35.