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DR Dixon Director Obagi australia

Obagi Australia :

Since 1991 Dr Dixon has Promoted Obagi products and systems in the territory OF Australia.

He completed training in 

"The Obagi Skin Treatment Correction and Restoration Program"


Obagi Australia

DR Zein Obagi advised Dr Dixon to register the name " Obagi in Australia":

"Obagi in Australia"

Dr Dixon is the owner of Australian Obagi trademark registrations

844554  &  559168.

For 30 Years as the licensed medical practitioner he has consulted and Prescribed Obagi In Australia....Initially during his medical practice however  since 1995 he has provided online consultations Of Obagi to his Australian clients.

Obagi-au.com was transferred to obagi.com.au


Obagi In Australia has a celebrated position having lectured for OMP in China& India 

Additionally  For Distributors he provided seminars in Australia

New Zealand and USA

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