Obagi Challange

About the Obagi Challenge

The Obagi Challenge is our celebration of 30 yers transforming clients skin. Entries can be submitted by any registered  of any of the Obagi range of products and must  register for the challenge  The challenge will run for 14 weeks and can be joined at any time.

To register for the Obagi Challenge you will need to complete the registration form in full and will be required to upload a before and an after photo before the closing date to be entered into the prize draw.

The winner will be decided by a panel of judges and the final decision will be based on a combination of the following criteria: product used, time elapsed between before and after photos have been taken, overall transformation of the skin, overall success and results based on the product being used, and the biggest difference in the appearance of the skin.

Entries to the Obagi challenge will be judged after the closing date and winners will then be informed.

Photo requirements


Positioning yourself in the frame
If you have undergone a full face treatment then your face should take up no less that 75% of the frame with your eyes positioned around 1/3rd from the top of the frame. If you are showing a specific treatment area, the area needs to be clearly in focus and identifiable – such as the example of the eye on this page.

Where possible, try to take your before and after pictures with a plain background, ideally against the same background each time. This allows the viewer to focus on you in the image and not be distracted by background clutter.

Using the on-camera (or in-phone) flash can result in a washed out, over exposed image. This can be greatly reduced by using as much natural light as possible by taking the pictures in a room with large windows or even taking the pictures outside if an option. If you don’t easily have access to natural light try to avoid being directly under a light source as this can add unwanted shadows

Using a tripod
If you have access to a tripod, this can reduce camera shake and also let you control your distance from the camera to give you the most uniform pictures.

Hair, make-up and jewellery
Make-up and jewellery should not be worn or at least not be visible in the shot as this can distract from the overall change in the appearance of the skin. A head band is often a good idea to keep the hair from obscuring the face – if you don’t have a hair band a hairstyle that keeps the hair off the face is just as good.

Only the Best
Take more photos than you need and choose the best to upload. Better you have more than you need than realising you don’t capture your transformation to late