Retrieve is the alternative for Retin A in Australia

They are  part of the Retinoid family.

Retinoids are a group of compounds derived from Vitamin A.

Their benefits are well established and Retinoids are the only topical agent that is scientific studies have  repeatedly demonstrated to have acne and anti-aging benefits.

Established Benefits OF Retin A 

  1. Minimise the appearance of wrinkles 
  2. Controls excess sebum formation
  3. Creates exfoliation thereby reducing dead cells on the surface of the skin and replacing these with healthy cells
  4. Reduces breakdown of Collagen
  5. Fades Pigmentation

 Not all retinoids are equal!

Importantly Retinoic acid is the most powerful of the topical retinols.

Other retinols require conversion in the skin to Retinoic acid to create the clinical benefits. 

Retinyl esters are ciinverted to Retinol then retinaldehyde then finally to Retinoic acid- At each step the agent  has diminished benefits for skibn rejuvenation.


Benefits of  Retion  A  (Retieve) In a Nu-Derm System

Combining in the system has proven 2-3 X more effective .  The Nu-Derm system enhances penetration deep to the cellular renewal zone.

Stimulating rejuvenation and reducing skin irritation when Retinoic acid remains on the surface!

Important Product information:

  • Retrieve  requires medical authorisation.
    Authorisation obtained  through  The Complimentary skin  assessment
  • Dr Dixon will review and authorise
  • On  completion your order will be dispatched

 Complete Medical requirement


Purchase  Retrieve 


  1. Pregnancy
  2. Women planning a pregnancy
  3. Hypersensitivity to Tretinoin or any of the ingredients in the formulation

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