Obagi Australia Providing Individual Assessment

Your assessment will be analysed by Dr Peter Dixon one Australia's leading and most established provider of skin rejuvenation since 1990.

A great complexion radiates in your confidence.

Almost all successes and attainments in life come from your ability to feel confident..

Being confident is the gateway to success; to the life that you wish to lead and to the dreams that you desire to fulfill!


The story goes back 30 years (1990) the beginning I had NO idea of skin! care!!! Fate stepped in and introduced Peter Dixon FRACS. a young plastic surgeon to the philosophy of SKIN REJUVENATION.


Dr Zein Obagi personally trained me in his skin care systems. 

Zein with a scientist innovated a system that when applied in synchrony wakened the barrier with penetration of the active agents to bring about visible changes in a few weeks The system is now the #1 Physician prescribed skin Rx for many skin concerns including Aging, Pigmentation, Melasma and scars and texture correction 

Over the years Obagi USA though research maintained its pre-eminent leadership in the skin industry and in 2021 has a range of products / systems such that Obagi has a solution for; 

All Skin Types and All Skin Concerns"

Having Read this far.. I trust you have a better understanding of the importance of personal your skin assessment! It is the basis for whereby we start to re-build your skin and with it YOUR face, the face YOU present to the world.