Number 3/5 4% Hydroquinone (Nu-Derm )

Currently Obagi #5 #3 are unavailable

 I have arranged with pharmacy a quality product with  essential ingredients 4% HQ in a balanced formulation. The product requires a medical assessment and a prescription.

To prolong activity and reduce oxidisation (turning yellow). Please store in a cool place eg. Refrigerator

 This is a Formal order item 

If you have not completed a skin analysis in last 12 months: Please Complete a medical review:  Your  assessment will be reviewed by a medical consultant  who will provide a personal skin analysis prior to release of your order.

You  will be reminded to complete a medical review prior to release of your order.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Active Ingredient:
4% Hydroquinone


HQ has long been considered the most effective skin Lightning consensus among dermatologist is that it  is safe (additional precautions required in Sub Saharan Africans)

Nordlund JJ, Grimes PE, Ortonne JP. The safety of hydroquinone. J EurAcad Dermatol Vertereol. 2006520:781.