RETRIEVE® Cream 0.05% 50gm/Tube

Retrieve    is 2-3 X MORE  Effective in Nu-Derm System as the system enhances penetration creating results in as little as 2 weeks


Why is Nu-Derm The #1 Physician prescribed Skin System

  1. Retinoid (Retrieve)  and Hydroquinone are documented as the most powerful topical agent to manage skin conditions. 
  2. Obagi’s contribution to skin health was to assist  these products penetrate the skin barrier.
  3. Creating cellular change with improvement in skin tone and texture


Important Information:

Retrieve applied alone lacks efficacy as it is slow to penetrate and often causing  Irritation for significant period before achieving a re

 Valid prescription required. Available Here  




  1. Pregnancy and Breast feeding
  2. Women planning a pregnancy
  3. Hypersensitivity tor any of the ingredients in the formulation